Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here's a few of the questions I'm frequently asked at shows, if you have any additional questions feel free to email me!

Q. How Long Does it Take to Complete a Painting?
A. Usually anywhere from about 8 to as long as 40 hours of actual painting time. This varies depending on the size of the painting and complexity of the subject matter.

Q. Do you Work from Photographs?
A. I do use photographs for reference in some cases but also sketch out my own scenes. Occasionally I will work directly from a high quality photograph since this usually solves any problems that might normally arise.

Q. Do you paint people as well as the outdoors and animals?
A. Yes,I can say that I do also paint people. I was recently commissioned to paint a portrait which turned out very well. People are challenging to paint, you have to try and capture their spirit and personality which is not an easy thing.
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